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x10 really isn't a controller so to speak

but it does allow you to in a way

control the lights

the way x10 works is its a module

that plugs into the wall

that module speaks to a receiver

plugged into a wall somewhere

else in the house and signals

are transmitted via the electricity

this is very slow and does not allow you

to turn on or off your light faster

than one second each time

this is best used for general turning

on and off your lights at the

beginning and end of show

below is a drawing of a x10 setup


in this section i got the info from

( was purchased by )


The following is a typical setup for X10 control:

The CM11A interface device connects to your computer via a special serial cable that comes with the CM11A.  When the computer sends a command via the serial cable the CM11A sends the command out over the power lines.  Each of the various X10 modules has an address and "listens" to the power lines for commands.  When a given module "hears" a command that it is supposed to execute it takes action and does that command.  Many X10 modules can be set to the same address.  Thus when one command is sent out several modules (all set to the same address) can do the same thing all at one time.  Various X10 modules allow for different functions.  The number of control channels varies with the number of X10 lamp and appliance modules used.