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below is a picture of a serial setup

a serial box uses a daisy chain effect

in that each box you connect

is connected on the end of the next

it uses your serial port

for the communication of the boxes

to the software thus the name

serial box


in this section I got the info from

( was purchased by )


a good place to look for the serial controllers is

this units can be stand alone or computer controlled.

(I now use these and am thrilled with them)


serial controller

The following is a typical setup for serial control:

The serial adapter converts the RS-232 port in the back of the computer from a DB9 connection to an RJ45 connection. Standard straight-through ethernet network cables are then used to connect all of the control boxes together in a daisy-chain configuration. The mains power connector provides power to the SSR's or relays located inside the control boxes. The wall transformer is what powers the microprocessor inside each of the control boxes.


The following is a typical schematic for a Serially-Controlled Control Box (SCCB):

Above shows 1 x brain board, 1 x wall transformer, 1 x SCCB microprocessor, 2 x female RJ45 connectors, 8 x SSR's, 8 x AC 120v electrical outlets.