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links to other Christmas home pages
a wonerful homemade train

a beautiful home of lights

a lot to see in the display

a list of other displays
no pictures
another well done display  

a good cristian site

forum board and info site on computerized christmas
no pictures
a huge display of lights

 beautiful site gained attention in 2002 for  "#1 display in America". by nbc

cute walk through park display

a different themed commercial display

huge lighted tree

eye popping amount of lights

a beautiful home of lights

a wodnerful site

great site for pics of unique displays and info on building circuits 

very promising display

very big light display. has pics and basics of how the control it

another unique display

a great site to learn to build displays

 pics of a nice display

many pictures of different displays in texas
no pictures
what we all want our houses to look like. Very interesting story of this family

pictures of display

a wonderful commercial lighting site
no pictures
pics of their display

has great pics and a neat train. has some interesting photo's of controllers

lovely display of lights

one of those wow sites. lots of lights and good links to other Christmas sites

lots of lights

tons of items in this display

great christmas lighing forum, lots of lights

amazing site of animated lights to music
this is my webs site with info on how to make your own animated light display
another beautiful site. neat pics of displays

just a beautiful site in general


another lover of the lights

another commercial site. has breathtaking pics.

lots of lights and static display

a beautiful display



links to tech./equipment/

digital I/O boards

X10 tech.

solid state relays

electronic parts

links to Christmas commercial light company

specialty lighting

led lighting

chaser lighting


 Christmas midi files

Christmas decorations


lots of links