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She holds a red rose in her hand,

That rose of love is for her man.

She looks over him with his eyes closed so light,

She kneels, gives him a kiss and hugs him so tight.

Before she leaves she turns to place,

The delicate red rose by his face.

she leaves trembling as they lower him down,

to be buried under the cold hard ground

The crowds have come,

The crowds have gone.

Some to gaze at him,

Some to mock him.

Him, that is regal,

Now is humble.

Time has slowed,

Life has passed.

He whispers to all,

He yells to none.

Some will believe,

Others will fail.

Today I see him,

Tomorrow I dine with him.

Now I am calm.

The crowds have come,

The crowds have gone.

Some to gaze at him,

Some to mock him.

Him, that is regal,

Now is humble.

Time has slowed,

Life has passed.

He whispers to all,

He yells to none.

Some will believe,

Others will fail.

Today I see him,

Tomorrow I dine with him.

Now I am calm.

Iíve passed by many times on the corner,

Iíve even given you a coin or two.

Today I went to pass that same corner,

But I could not find you.

"Where did he go?" I ask the man I walked next to.

"I walk in stride right beside you"

Itís been awhile since I passed that corner, a few months or so,

Because that man was me a few months ago.

You lie in a bed of roses thinking of things so grand,

I lie in a bed of thorns sinking in the sand.

I struggle to stand on my own,

But I sink in the water like a stone.

You fly high above,

Soaring and moving with the beauty of a dove.

Hold me, catch me, Iím asking help me please,

"Release me, praise me, I will set you free if you do all these"

I watch the fire burn so bright and hot,

I know to touch it I should not.

But it teases me with its light,

I struggle against the fight.

It consumed and burned away the woods life,

But I take pleasure in its perilous strife.

As quick as it was started the fire dies away,

And it has left me cold and empty longing again to play.

I nod; you nod as we each go our way.

You smile; I smile as we have nothing to say.

I listen; you listen to each foot step on the floor.

You look; I look scared for whatís in store.

I nod, you nod we see each others pain.

You see, I see the silence we forever sustain,

Look quick, is that who weíve been looking for,

Look quick, who is that coming through the door.

Fast hide you might be seen,

Fast hide what you mean.

Listen now the person has passed you by,

Listen now to the little children cry.

Watch again a day will come to return once more,

Watch again the children will play at the foot of his door.

I called you the other night,

Just to hear your voice.

I called and defied your choice.

You said you need time to express yourself,

I treated you like that old doll on the shelf.

I pried until you broke down,

I lectured until you until there was no sound.

You broke and began to cry,

I could only feel horrible as you asked why.

Why indeed had I done such a thing,

Jeopardized it all with such a hateful sting.

I wanted to apologize for all I had done,

To try and be in harmony as one.

But because of confusion and guilt,

I restrained and destroyed the love we built.

So for all the good from that one night will do,

Love, Iím sorry for hurting you.

Boom, boom, boom a merciless sound,

Boom, boom, boom as the drums begin to pound.

Tick, tick, and tick the time is almost near,

Tick, tick, tick the sound of fear.

Slam, another doomed to silence of his mind.

Slam a prisoner with murders of his kind.

A dusty light fills a room long forgotten,

A fresh air blows about its walls.

Time sealed away the memories,

Love opened it all.

Shoved in the corner of the room,

Sits an unused candle.

Light it let the warmth be felt,

Nurture it let it grow.

All around are cluttered thoughts lined with dust.

Open my curtains let the light in.

Shut the door someone comes,

Close the curtains against the light.

My room, my past, my attic, my life.

Is my cup half full?

Or is it half empty?

Or just somewhere in the middle only weighed down by gravity?

To be or not to be?

Or how about something close to be?

Why say itís a new moon when there is no moon at all?

And besides that, itís been there all along.

Why do they have holes in cherrios?

When it would be simpler to leave the thing whole.

Who says you canít have your cake and still have your ice cream?

Is the end the beginning?

Or just the beginning of another end?

A snowflake dances in the air,

Its shimmering beauty so rare.

It falls with grace,

as it bends and weaves its white lace.

To hold its gift and save its joy,

An illusion of a childhood toy.

Knowing its presence brings happiness and grief,

Seeing gives a magical belief.

Whether real or not, white or blue

A snowflake is both me and you

a smile spreads across his face,

a thought of love in his mind,

a feeling of joy so kind.

in his compassion he sends his time,

in deep thought of what to say,

in regard to his short stay.

he takes no longer than he has to,

he says he loves her and goes,

he gives one last gift on his stone, a single white rose.

look, so perfect but never will be,

look, so lovely but the world it will never see.

look, so tiny and bare,

look, gods child yet to care.

look, time that it does not get. still,

look, an unborn baby the try to kill.

1. to be in love you have to give love.

2. to give love you have to receive love.

3. to receive love you have to accept love.

4. to accept love you have to want love.

5. to want love you have to ask for love.

6. to ask for love you have to tell the person you love

so to start it out say I love you.

by then you already have started

a poem does not have to rhyme.

a poem can be an expression of thought.

to express it is a poem of words in itself.

to captivate people of ideas or dreams.

wanting a tale of excitement on paper.

or a romance its your own perception.

your own perception is what gives a poem its rhyme.

I stand before heavens gates not sure it is real,

one minute alive the next, well no different do I feel.

relaxed and peaceful my soul is now at rest,

to no longer hurt feels good but not the best.

soon I except things in grace,

as I wipe the tears from my lords face.

a blank piece of paper lies before me,

a head full of thoughts are inside my mind,

to write it out would pay the world back in kind.

so much to write so little time,

so much to say, just when,

should I speak for my sin.

I look at my hands bloodied by justice,

I look at my soul its just the same,

never again will my heart beat tame.

to run free fills my soul with hope,

to be back and just lie on the ground,

when a cold lock on metal is the only sound.

to write this I have no rhyme,

to write this I must say it plain.

I wish to express my deepest emotions,

but there is no rhyme for it to express.

so I am to do my best with this little note,

to this would I express my pity.

 a sent just passed by,

from a ladies perfume as she glided through.

I notice her not as she turns and smiles,

only the memory of my wife shows in my eye.

its been some time since we parted last,

I remember that smell as she shut the door.

the small puff of air that blew by to dry a tear,

if asked I would just talk of the past.

the hardest part is not lying alone at night,

its not even those times spent together.

no its after the trial for our sons custody,

to never see him again is the hardest sight.

I thought I saw her today,

I was walking outside along the cool green lawns.

I thought I saw her today,

when I turned around to answer someoneís voice.

I thought I saw her today,

out of the corner of my eye.

I thought I saw her today,

with her head bowed low.

I thought I saw her today.

no, its just another day.

I sit an wonder about the past,

I sit and wonder about shadows cast.

I sit on my porch above all things old and new,

I pause as I brush past thoughts of you.

to see you again gives my eye a tear,

oh I wish you were still here.

its been so long since the day I had to say goodbye,

I still am angry but all things must wither and die.

mow all I have is memories of you,

will those memories die too.

no, not as long as I can bare the truth,

I wish you werenít molested in your youth.

I look at the smear on the paper,

what could it have been.

a drawing of infinite imagination,

or words of unbelievable inspiration.

its a simple line to most who glance,

to artist its a profit to inhance.

to look at it is to let the world slip away,

let reality rot and decay.

what is the greatest gift of life?

a question with thought of death in mind,

could my thoughts be so unkind.

I deceive my every movement.

I show a deception through my shadow,

could my thoughts be so shallow?

a question for an answer or an exaggeration.

I know my weakness so well,

to explain my words fail.

a pen in hand to bring forth my dreams,

a magical world of words comes in steams.

many a adventure not yet told,

write quick before it grows cold.

an image of me and a mirror,

its meaning is not clear.

the mirror hollow without view,

the person same but untrue.

each, more than its walls of lies,

each stumble, freedom tries.

I sit huddled alone in the dark,

watching the cold concrete floor,

wondering what life has in store.

I pause, lift the picture close to my face,

I then smile from the memories flowing through my mind,

I no longer have to wonder what I will find.

I turn on the light and turn to leave,

you stand there not making a sound,

I smile, a tear falls, at last Iím found.

Iím smiling

Iím smiling because of you

Iím smiling each day anew

I feel your love from so far away

I know your love will stay

so when tomorrow comes

and there is nothing else to look forward to

ill smile because of my love for you