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digital I/O is a little different from

the rest of the boxes

this one you have to have a special

I/O card (input/output)

this type uses a control cable

not unlike a ribbon

(like what your hard drive or cd-rom

uses to connect to your motherboard)

below is a drawing of the

digital I/O controller


in this section i got the info from

( was purchased by )

a good place to look for the Digital I/O is

this units can be stand alone or computer controlled.

(I now use these and am thrilled with them)


digital I/O controller

The following is a typical setup for digital I/O card control:

The mains power connector provides power to the SSR's or relays located inside the control boxes.  One or more control cables exits the computer for each digital output card installed in the computer. The number of control boxes varies with the number of lines each digital output card has.


The following is a typical schematic for a digital I/O card control box:


Above shows 1 x cable connecting to card inside computer, 8 x SSR's, 8 x AC 120v electrical outlets.       (A Cyber Research or Computer Boards digital I/O card is also required.)